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Make Your Co-working Kitchen Stress-free with these Tips

A co-working space with a kitchen is already paradise to many of your customers. Whether they’re students or professionals, your customers will experience a bad case of the munchies right when the stress of studying or working sets in.

Stress can also manifest in a co-working space, so you will have to work towards making everything in your establishment relatively less stressful. On that note, you should be able to focus on making certain areas stress-free and that includes the kitchen.

That being said, let’s look at a few simple tips to help you achieve a kitchen environment that’s less stressful.

co working kitchen tips - Make Your Co-working Kitchen Stress-free with these Tips

Keep everything ergonomic

Ergonomics refers to principles that allow greater ease and handling. From the tools you use right down to the handles of your cabinets, everything has to be designed in a way that doesn’t put too much of a physical strain. For one, you can always install grooved door handles that allow for easier gripping.

Use non-slip rugs and mats

It becomes a challenge when the kitchen is prone to being slippery, so it’s important that you replace the material of your flooring with the right material. For this, you may want to opt for cork and rubber which provide ample protection from slipping. In addition to that, you may also opt to place non-slip mats and rugs in areas that often get wet such as the sink.

Consider potted plants

Plants are also a great way to liven up your kitchen. Aside from that, the right choice of plants be therapeutic. Aloes, for example, are great as stress-relievers and having one strategically placed at a corner can essentially make the kitchen a little lighter. Bonsai trees are also preferable since they give off a calming effect.

Change the wall color

Aside from plants, your kitchen’s walls can also help you relax. You will need the right color to achieve the effect you wanted. Opt for lighter shades of blue and grey to make your kitchen lighter for the eyes.

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