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How to Renovate a Kitchen for a Co-working Space

Co-working spaces have become very much popular nowadays, thanks in part to entrepreneurs who are seeing potential in such business set ups. For sure, the market is currently comprised of people coming from different segments of the population, with the millennial generation comprising a majority of the co-working environment.

That being said, businesses are giving their all in terms of improving the environment of these co-working spaces and investing in new elements that can help customers make the most of their experiences in the co-working market.

For one, there are co-working spaces fitted with kitchens where students and freelancers can cook their meals, make sandwiches, and other dishes that suit their fancy. On that note, let’s look at a few kitchen renovation tips you can do to impress your customers.

Make it minimal

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Minimalist aesthetics have become the primary design motif in recent years. There’s a kitchen renovation company in Ottawa named Ottawa General Contractors that does this and also other types of minimal renovations and remodeling. You may want to apply the same motifs to your kitchen. After all, less is more, so make sure to use smaller appliances and stick to a monochrome paint palette. For the counter, opt for chrome or white colors so you can achieve a better illusion of greater space, which is of course a prevailing design choice in minimalist workplaces. That being said, you might want to adopt minimalist principles to your kitchen.

Add plants and flowers

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There’s nothing that could give your kitchen life quite like potted plants and flowers. Sure enough, having a few succulents at the counter or on top of the refrigerator will definitely make your kitchen stand out. In this sense, make sure to choose the right indoor plants to give your kitchen a more relaxing vibe. Plants such as lemongrass and succulents are always ideal. Plus, these plants are relatively easier to maintain so you won’t have to worry about having to leave them alone.

Refurbish your cabinets

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Give your kitchen a fresh new look that will captivate your customers. The best way to go about this is to replace or refurbish your cabinets. If the hardwood material of your cabinets are already brittle, it’s time that you might consider replacing them with new doors, that is, depending on the extent of the damage. Leaky cabinets, for instance, should be replaced altogether. Still, if these fixtures indicate minimal damages, then you might as well give them a fresh coat of varnish. Sure enough, this is more practical and less costly since it doesn’t involve shopping around replacement cabinets.

Make use of energy-efficient appliances

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If you are still using appliances you have bought ten years ago, you might as well replace them with energy efficient ones. Refrigerators and coffee machines nowadays run on energy-efficient technology. It’s a considerable investment to make, but it does payoff in the form of the money you save from your monthly energy bills. Opt for Energy-Star certified appliances which can help you slash your monthly bills by a large margin. Aside from the appliance, you should also replace worn down or flickering lights with energy-efficient LED lamps.

Change your walls

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Finally, to give your kitchen renovation a brand new look, you should consider repainting or decorating the walls. For this, make sure to swap the color with something that adds value and makes your kitchen spacious.

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