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How to Accomplish More in So Little Time

Productivity is essential in our careers. One thing’s for sure, freelancers always face the challenge of maintaining their momentum as they try to be as productive as they can despite the limited amount of time they are afforded for deadlines. Come to think of it, it’s already too much of a challenge to maintain a constant level of productivity knowing that you’re fully in control of your time and energy.

Freelancing is great because you have to pick what time and where to work, whether it be at home or at a co-working space. The caveat to this, however, is that it allows for ample reasons to procrastinate on an urgent project.

Sure enough, there are ways that will help you maximize your working hours and ensure that you get to accomplish more tasks. Let’s look at a few things to get your started down that path.

Do Compartmentalization

As much as you want to accomplish more tasks within a limited timeframe, you put the quality of your work at risk. There should be a more effective means of doing tasks without lowering the quality of the efforts you are exerting. Fortunately, you can always consider compartmentalization as an essential strategy. For this, you only need to focus a great deal on one task, finish it and ensure it passes your standards, and move on. In this sense, compartmentalization is the key to finishing tasks faster without having to worry about overlooking the details.

Use the Pomodoro Method

Another great way to finish more tasks within a limited amount of time is to use the pomodoro method, which allows you to work on a task in short bursts, with intermittent rests in between each cycle. Sure enough, this method allows you to accomplish a great deal of goals without having to go through bouts of burnout as a result.

Stay committed

Finally, a great way for you to accomplish more goals in so little time is to simply stay committed to the things that give your work a basis or purpose. That said, you should be able to right down your goals and make sure to stay committed to them no matter what comes your way.

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