Friday, September 25Iccolab

Co-working Spaces: Changing Urban Landscapes

If there’s one thing we already know about co-working spaces, it’s the fact that they are relatively a new concept. It wasn’t until the late 2000’s that these establishments were first set up, thereby challenging the traditional experience of working in coffee shops.

There’s no doubt about the potential of co-working spaces along the lines of providing people that need them the right venues for studying and working. It becomes clear that workspaces such as IccoLab are beginning to enjoy a wider audience for the kind of services they are promoting.

Slowly but surely, co-working spaces are overwhelming the millennial market. This segment, for one, is the most active in the outsourcing and freelancing sector. That being said, it’s a no-brainer for co-working spaces to market their services to the right audience. Millennials after all, are a tech-savvy bunch, so they will have to demand for co-working spaces that have fast internet connectivity and an intuitive work atmosphere.

Because of this attention towards the millennial demographic, co-working spaces are also sprucing up their establishments by investing in ergonomic tools and, just recently, using AI assistants to help in their operations. In fact, there are already some establishments that make use of AI for serving, billing, and promoting business.

Sure enough, such investments will no doubt change cityscapes and lead residents to consider adapting new technologies for their own homes and establishments. Little by little, the wave of new technology will eventually saturate entire markets and promote a wider adoption of more efficient tools.

Another way for co-working spaces to transform urban areas is through a change in the way young people view work. Indeed, traditional notion of office-based work is slowly eroding as the Internet continues to provide new tools and approaches for freelancers to apply in their careers. Freelancing platforms, for one, are making it easier for just about anyone to make money online. This has led to the emergence of “stay-at-home” or itinerant workers who feel more comfortable in places other than a dull cubicle.

Without a doubt, freelancing culture will surely impact the evolution of co-working spaces. We can only think of the possibilities that will surely define the path that these establishments will have to take. Until then, let’s enjoy a cup of coffee!