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The IC CoLab opened its doors at an opportune time for Radiology Protocols. We are a young company and needed to expand. Not only did the IC CoLab provide the space and office infrastructure we needed; it connected Radiology Protocols to the business community and the wider entrepreneurial network. The culture of energy and connectivity at the IC CoLab is invaluable to an entrepreneur.
Stephen Baker B.S. RT(R) (MR)Founder & PresidentRadiology Protocols


Current IC CoLab and Coralville CoLab Member Companies

ICAD Group Line of Sight Group
ApplePOPDesign Mazira
Arnott Law Office On-Track Strategies
Behavioral Diagnostics Pear Deck
Chef RAMDO Solutions
CMG Financial Sculpt
Continuity Single Sail Software
Creative Mellen SupportMyLocal
Cycle Studios Virtual Software Engineering
Dancer Insurance Walker Coen Lorentzen
Dossette Weinhardt  & Logan
Ellison Eyewear The Weitz Company
Launch Services

How to get an IC CoLab Membership

Work independently while having the opportunity to connect with and be energized by other professionals.  Daily drop in rates are $15, with full time memberships starting at $200.

Do you need one day a week?  Evenings and weekends?

Is Coralville more convenient than downtown Iowa City?  Or perhaps North Liberty is more your speed?

We have a variety of IC CoLab membership options. Visit our online CoLab management centers (Iowa City) (Coralville) (North Liberty) to find the best membership option to fit you.

What’s your story anyway? How did the CoLab start?

“Regional knowledge ecosystems will emerge as a new strategic frame, providing scale, efficiency and global platforms for economic development.”– 2009 study published by the Research Triangle Park and The Institute For the Future.

This is what got us thinking about the future of economic development. The model is changing. People and ideas are starting to gravitate to areas where there is a vibrant energy and common spirit. New economy workers are increasingly mobile. Cities with appealing culture show the strongest economic vitality in developing business and attracting workforce. Most of the attributes common to places like Austin, Boulder and the Research Triangle exist in our area, but we have not developed our culture nor our reputation to its fullest potential.