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The Idea

Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, all thanks to the popularity of online freelancing. As more and more people take up home-based jobs, the demand for the right venues for freelancers is becoming even more crucial. Whereas coffee shops served as working spaces for writers and graphics designers in the past, these places eventually gave way to a new business model catering towards the freelance lifestyle as well as collaboration.

Co-working spaces have saturated cities and towns with their cozy environs, high-speed internet, and complementary coffee. There’s no doubt that these businesses are charting the way towards the future. Sure enough, IccoLab has been counted among the pioneering co-working spaces and, besides that, has been instrumental in turning the concept of freelancing sideways.

Why IccoLab?

If you’re looking for a co-working space that offers everything you need to improve your concentration, then IccoLab is basically the best choice. Started by Lorena Wright in 2008, IccoLab has been a prime establishment in the community, offering students and professionals a great place to hang out or finish projects.

Lorena first conceptualized IccoLab as a coffee shop that caters to students and young adults who are just about to jumpstart their careers. Lorena, seeing that the establishment was being frequented by university students and freelancers, finally decided to expand the business and rebrand it as a co-working space. It was able to build three large rooms for conferences and a shared table setup.

Since then, IccoLab has maintained a large following after it had promoted its services to veteran freelancers who are looking for virtual offices in the area. Now, IccoLab operates three branches and has built a network of similar businesses that collaborate to elevate the community through cultural events and other activities advocating for cultural diversity.

What to expect inside IccoLab

Upon entering IccoLab, you are treated to good coffee, hearty conversations, and a comfy atmosphere. If you want to reserve a spot at our VIP area, you can contact us right away.